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A team of Network Architects, Operations Managers and Senior Network Engineers developing innovative network technologies and services for different environments.

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Whether you are planning to expand your existing system or are needing to build a new technology solution, we will give you all the expertise you need to give your business the best foothold for success!

As technology specialists, we design, develop and manage large and small turnkey network technology projects using our solutions proving ground.


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Solving Challenges with Our Solutions Proving Ground

In our experience, we are keenly aware of the many stumbling blocks that can stunt business growth.

Too often there is a lack of research and development capacity available and resource limitations can make refining a technology solution a difficult, if not impossible task!

The truth is a new technology system can make all the difference to a business, but it is often difficult to visualise the concept and limited resource availability means that the system can't be properly explored and tested before it is fully deployed. With these challenges in mind, we developed the Netovate Real World Technology Proving Ground to overcome these hurdles.

What is the Netovate Real World Technology Proving Ground?


The perfect platform to visualise, demonstrate and explore a technology solution in real world situations.


The proving ground is a hardware vendor, carrier and service provider neutral environment.


A cross section of end-customer profiles are connected, making use of the network as their primary connectivity gateway.


The proving ground shadows industry best practices and demonstrates ideal service delivery.


Within this tightly controlled environment, research, development and testing is now possible.


Real world data is collected without requiring clients to bootstrap solutions to their existing environment.


It is ideal for training users for first time success when the technology is finally deployed in their production networks.

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